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Here is a list, a very partial one, of Moon Deities:

ALBION - the ancient title of Britain, means 'Milk-White Moon Goddess’.

APHRODITE - Greek, female. 'The Bright Moon’. Orgiastic worship.

ARADIA - Italian, female. According to Leland, daughter of Diana (the Moon) and Lucifer (the Sun). Specifically a witch deity.

ARIANRHOD - Celtic, female. 'Silver Wheel'.

ARTIMIS - Greek, female. Borrowed from the Phoenicians who called Her Astarte. The Romans called Her Diana.

ASHTORETH - Hebrew, female. Borrowed from their neighbors. Worship eradicated only with persistent effort.

ASTARTE - Phonecian, female. Titled 'Queen of Heaven’. Encouraged sexual love. Hot cross buns were eaten in her honor.

BRIGID - Celtic, female. Goddess of Light, Fertility, Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft. Called 'Bride of the Golden Hair'.

DIANA - Roman, female. Female principle of Light. Goddess of the Harvest, Childbirth, Fertility, Hunting, Enchantments. Twin sister of Apollo.

EUROPA - Greek, female. Gave Her name to Europe. Means 'White Face'. The cow with her crescent-shaped horns is a familiar image for the Moon.

FREYJA - Norse, female. 'Lady'. Goddess of Love and Fertility, the Dead. Caused earthquakes by shaking Her necklace, Brigsamen. Her palace is the seashore. Mistress of magic and witchcraft.

HATHOR - Egyptian, female. The Celestial Cow, bearing the Moon between Her horns. Origin of our expression 'Holy Cow!'

HEKATE - Greek, female. In Athens there was an altar to Her in front of every house. A dark Goddess of magic and witchcraft.

HINA - Polynesian, female. Creatress, First Woman. Goddess of the Land of the Dead, life-giver and life-taker. Involved in the firewalker’s fertility ceremonies. IL - Persian, male. Also El, Allah. 'Lord'. I

NNANA - Canaanite, female.

ISHTAR - Uruk, female. Predessor to Innana. Called 'Queen of Heaven’. Sacrificial cakes to Her mentioned in an ancient hymn. Daughter of the Moon God.

ISIS - Egyptian, female. 'Moisture'. Initiates known as Moon Men or Daughters. Wife of the murdered Osiris, each morning before She disappeared from the sky, Her tears (dew) covered the earth.

JARIH - Syrian, male. Husband of the Moon Goddess, Nikkal.

JUNO - Roman, female. Goddess of Light, childbirth, marriage. Queen of Heaven. Her spilled milk is the 'Lactea Via', Milky Way.

KHONSU - Egyptian, male. An exorcist and healer. Associated with measurement as in the calendar.

LUNA - Roman, female. 'Moon'.

LUNUS - Roman, male. 'Moon'.

MAH - Persian, male. 'The Beautiful'. Depicted on Kushan coins in cloak, doublet and trousers with the sickle moon sticking out of His shoulders.

MAHI - Persian, female.

MAHU - Pre-Celtic Irish, female. 'Moon Maiden'. MANI - N. Germanic, Scandinavian, male. Moon/Moon-God. Brother of the Sun God.

MOTHER GOOSE - A modern survival of the wise Moon Mother-Goddess. Large white birds were often sacred to the Moon Goddess (Juno and others).

MOTHER MARY - Catholic, female. Called 'Many-breasted Mother of All', the ‘All Dewy One of Fertility'.

MYESYATS - Serbian, Slavonic. Either an old man ('Bald Uncle') or a young maiden.

NIKKAL - Syrian, female. Wife of the Moon God, Jarih.

OSHUN - Yoruba, female. This Goddess of sensuous sweetness originated in West Africa but now has more followers in North America.

OSIRIS - Egypt, male. Numerous inscriptions call Osiris 'Lord of the Moon'.

SELENE - Greek, female. 'Light'. Deity of sorcerers and magicians. Also called Mene, 'Moon'. Myth: At new moon Selene is taken to the underworld and lies dead for 3 days. The sighting of the new crescent marks Her rebirth in Heaven. Goddess of birth and death, growth and decay, fertility and maternity.

SIN - widespread Persian, male. (All the earliest recorded Moon deities are male.) Chief of Pantheon. Decreed Cosmic Order yet so changeful and full of mood that He was occasionally female, called Nin Aa, 'Lady Who is Brightest'. Also called 'Sailor', Khensu, worshiped in Egypt. His name survives in the places Sinai Peninsula, Mt. Sinai. (Where Moses met God, right?)

TANIT - (TANITH) - Phoenician, female. Child sacrifice practiced as a fertility rite.

THOTH - (THOT) - Egyptian, male. Patron of science, the calendar, measurement generally, magic (particularly carefully prepared), knowledge, writing.

TSUKI-YOMI - Shinto (Japan), male. 'Counter of the Months’. Rice cakes are a sacrifice to Him..

UNK-TA-HE - Dakota Indians, male. 'God of the Water’. Master of dreams and witchcraft, patron of shaman or medicine men.

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